Ron grew up on the West Side of Cleveland and went to Ascension Parish and school.  After grade school, Ron attended St. Edward High School on an academic scholarship.  Having lettered in three sports (baseball, football, and wrestling), Ron enrolled at Kent State University on a fully paid Baseball scholarship.  After graduating with a B.S. in Physics, he signed a minor league contract with the Cleveland Indians in 1972.  The time in the minor leagues was short-lived but a dream come true.  After coming back to the working world, his first job was at Morgan Adhesives in Stow as a lab technician and junior chemist.

Ron’s information systems and computer skills date back to 1972 when he took his first computer course.  His expertise lies in the application of the computer and software in business.  He has a unique combination of a strong business background and computer/software knowledge.  He utilized his computer skills in positions at General Tire, Burton Rubber, and the C. P. Hall Company.  He gained valuable business skills at those companies from being a tire design engineer, product manager, sales coordinator, salesman, sales manager, and materials management manager.

In 1992, Ron founded Barbron Enterprises, a computer consulting and training company.  The first division formed was “Computer Application Specialists” which continues to consult with companies on management and business administration issues as well as help businesses improve their information systems by developing database application programs.  Also, CAS will provide computer training to businesses in the use of the various Microsoft Office software programs.  The training is performed from the application in business of the various programs.  It is meant to take your employees to the next level which enhances their productivity and efficiency.

Trying to take advantage of the use of video in various business applications, Ron created NEO Video Solutions division in 2011.  The business will create Company Promotional Videos, Product Promotional Videos, Product Demonstration Videos, How-To Training Videos, and Departmental Training Videos.  One of his main thrusts will be the use of video in the database applications that he has created.  Video is the next medium that needs to be tapped in the world of communications and instruction.

Ron’s motto is “provide quality service at a reasonable price”.  He cares about his clients and will go to extreme ends to provide quality customer service at a fair price.