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db develComputer Application Specialists (CAS)at desk
 an Application Development and Computer Training company
Our motto is:

"Savings and Productivity through the use of technology"

Employee costs are the number one expense item in most companies

We help companies to:

  • use technology to solve their information systems problems by automating their manual processes
  • get more work done from your current employees - increase productivity 
    (by having the same amount of employees get more work done)
  • reduce unnecessary staff - improve efficiencies 
    (by having the same amount of work being done with fewer employees)
  • improve or fix MS Access databases or Excel spreadsheets (by using standard, professional design principles)
  • link to other programs and consolidate information processing through a central, user-friendly interface
  • train your employees on application programs, in-house programs, and processes
  • design custom training solutions for your company

...provide clients with MS Office Application Development, specializing in MS Access and MS Excel development
...provide automation integration with PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and Outlook with Access and Excel
...offer computer training in the MS Office suite of products, specializing in MS Excel and MS Access programs
...focus on business application training and custom training suited to your company
...train at all levels (basics, intermediate, & advanced) as well as the programming of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)